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Changes to our customer information requirements to support Home Finance applications

Following a recent review we have made the following changes regarding information we require to be provided in support of Home Finance applications for both Buy-to-Let (BTL) and Home Purchase Plan (HPP) products. These changes are outlined in our Criteria guides and below:

BTL and HPP Criteria Changes:

  • BTL only – Director’s Loans Guidance: to explain what director or shareholder loans are acceptable as a deposit, please refer to this new document on our website
  • BTL only – Requirements for UK incorporated SPVs: to aide you in packaging your cases with the correct documentation, please refer to this new document on our website which provides guidance on UK SPVs
  • Bank Statements: the table below clarifies what personal and business bank statements we require for all customers which include self-employed, UK registered Limited Companies, UK SPV’s and LLP’s:


Personal Bank Statements

Business Bank Statements

UK residents

3 months

3 months

UK Expats

3 months*

6 months

International residents

4 months

6 months

* Applicant must have lived in the UK within the last 5-years and had an active credit history, otherwise 4 months most recent personal bank statements required.

  • EU and EEA nationals resident in the UK who need to confirm status of nationality has changed:
    • Those who relocated to the UK prior to 31 July 2021: applicants now need to provide proof of residency either via a Valid ‘Share Code’ (provided by the Home Office to the applicant), or a valid UK Visa / Biometric Resident Permit Card, which needs to be certified.
    • Those who relocated to the UK from 1 August 2021: applicants now need to provide a letter from the Home Office, valid UK Visa / Biometric Resident Permit Card or Visa Stamp on passport, which needs to be certified.
  • Employers letter for International residents:
    • For all International residents, employer’s letters now need to confirm remuneration and basic terms of contract with each application, and must be on company letterhead issued by the HR department with the name and contact details of the person issuing the letter
  • Nationality:
    • Where an applicant holds dual nationality, proof of all nationalities must now be provided when uploading the proof of ID documentation
Changes to ID Requirements and ID Verification Form

To provide you with additional clarity, we have updated the ‘Gatehouse ID Requirements’ document which can be found on our website here, as well as our Criteria guides. The changes are as follows:

  • Acceptable ID:
    • Copies of both sides of all ID documents are now required
    • For international residents if a passport is not available, a valid National ID card issued by the government is now acceptable
    • For UK residents that are foreign passport holders and EU and EEA nationals resident in the UK, please see the Acceptable ID section on page 1
  • Visa Requirements:
    • For UK residents that are foreign nationals, applicants must hold a current valid passport with a valid UK Visa with a minimum of 12 months remaining at the point of application
  • Proof of residency: the acceptable documents required have been expanded to include:
    • UK residents: a water utility bill and a landline (not mobile) phone bill
    • International residents: a current valid tenancy contract, National ID card issued by government and full photo driving licence
    • International residents: if unable to provide proof of residency, a home visit certification by a lawyer or an accountant who is registered with a professional body is acceptable
  • Certifier: a Director/Company Secretary of employer (except for applications received from countries that we classify as high-risk) has been added to the list of people able to certify documents in the Gatehouse Bank ID Verification Form
Other Customer Information Requirement document changes:
  • Guidance for the Translation of Foreign Documents: this document found on our website here has been updated to reflect that a ‘Translation company or Bank’ can be used ‘as long as translation of documents is officially stated as one of the services they provide (i.e. on a website)’. In addition, the translated document must be certified
  • Gifted Deposit Guidance: providers of the gifted deposit have been updated to include adoptive parents and the ID and address now need to be certified, and full guidance can be viewed on our website here

Our updated Criteria guides can be found here. Products are available to UK residents, UK Expats, International residents and UK registered corporate entities to purchase or refinance property in England and Wales, details of which can be found here.

Our teams remain available to deal with your queries via phone and email, details of which can be found here.

Thank you for your continued support.