This notice explains how we use cookies and similar technologies on our websites to help provide you with the best possible online experience.

Your online privacy

Certain information that we collect in the course of your using our Site, including your domain name and IP address, your browser version, your operating system, the URL you came from (including third party URLs), the pages you visit within our Site, and the URL to which you go when you leave our Site (including third party URLs).

Gatehouse Bank may also use your information to improve Bank's internal marketing and promotional efforts, to send you promotional material from some of our partners to statistically analyse Site usage and trends, to improve the content and offerings on the Site and to customise the Site for the purpose of better meeting customers' and website users' needs. In some cases, we may use such information to deliver information to you that is targeted to your interests (see section below regarding use of cookies).

Gatehouse Bank will only process personal data from you for specified and lawful purposes and any personal data that Gatehouse Bank obtains will be processed fairly and lawfully.

When we ask you for personal information online it will only be in response to you actively applying for or using one of our online products or services.

You can find full details of how we use customer information here.

What cookies are

Our Site uses cookies to deliver Gatehouse Bank's services and to keep track of your account. A cookie is a small text file stored on a user's computer which can be used by a browser to help a website recognise repeat users, facilitate the user's ongoing access to and use of the Site and allows a site to track usage behaviour and compile aggregate data, all of which allow internet services to make content improvements and, in some cases, target advertising.

Some cookies are deleted when you close down your browser. These are known as session cookies. Others remain on your device until they expire or you delete them from your cache. These are known as persistent cookies and enable us to remember things about you as a returning visitor.

This website uses both session and persistent cookies.

If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, most browsers contain a function that allows a user to deny the cookie feature. You can also delete cookie files from your computer at your discretion. Disabling the cookie feature on your browser or deleting cookie files from your computer may render you unable to access the Site and may impair your ability to utilise Gatehouse Bank's services. Cookies may also be necessary to provide you with certain features such as customised delivery of information.

Gatehouse Bank uses cookies to provide its services, to deliver content specific to your interests and for other purposes.

Essential cookies

Cookies that are essential for us to provide a product or service you have requested and to provide a secure online environment. Without cookies we are unable to provide some products or services that you might request. Other 'essential' cookies keep our website secure. Even if you say “No” to cookies on this website we'll continue to use these 'essential' cookies.

Essential cookies are used to deliver interactive services, such as:

  • online banking
  • product applications
  • web chat
  • call-backs
  • maintain online security and protect against online fraud
  • record your preference regarding our use of cookies on your device

Performance Cookies: Tracking website performance

These cookies collect aggregated information and are not used to identify you.

We use this type of cookie to understand and analyse how visitors use our online services and look for ways to improve them. For example, a cookie might tell us that lots of people give up on an application process at a particular step – so we can try to make that step easier to complete. Although we use cookies to record behaviour patterns on our site, we collect this information in a way which does not personally identify anyone.

The analytics cookies we use include:

  • _ga (Google Analytics)
  • _gid (Google Analytics)
  • _hjClosedSurveyInvites (Hotjar)
  • _hjDonePolls (Hotjar)
  • _hjMinimizedPolls (Hotjar)
  • _hjDoneTestersWidgets (Hotjar)
  • _hjMinimizedTestersWidgets (Hotjar)
  • _hjIncludedInSample (Hotjar)
  • _hjShownFeedbackMessage (Hotjar)

Functionality Cookies: Giving you a better online experience

These cookies remember your preferences and tailor the website to provide enhanced features. Without these cookies, we cannot remember your choices or personalise your online experience.

We use this type of cookie to:

  • cookieconsent_status (Remembers if you dismissed the cookie policy pop-up)

Targeting cookies

These cookies are usually third-party cookies from marketing partners used to deliver adverts relevant to you and your interests. These cookies can track your browsing history across websites. If you wish to prevent this type of cookie, you may do so through your device’s browser security settings.

Third Party Advertisers. Gatehouse Bank will not disclose, rent or sell any sensitive information about you to any third party.

Service Partners. Gatehouse Bank may provide links to a number of third party service partners or suppliers (“Service Partners”) from our Site, and in some cases, may require the use of such services in accordance with our Terms of Use. In such cases, we may provide to the appropriate Service Partners some of your identifiable information. In some instances the Service Partner may collect information directly from you. Although Gatehouse Bank generally requests that its Service Partners comply with our Privacy Policy with respect to information about our customers and website users that Gatehouse Bank provides to such Service Partners, Gatehouse Bank has no control over their actual privacy practices, and therefore disclaims all responsibility and liability for their use of your information.

Cookies in emails

As well as the cookies we use on our website, we use cookies and similar technologies in emails. These help us to understand whether you’ve opened an email and how you’ve interacted with it. Cookies may also be set if you click on a link within the email.

How to control and delete cookies

If you don't want to accept cookies in emails, you can set your browser to restrict or reject cookies, or you can close the email before downloading any images or clicking on any links.