Our Service to You

  • We have dedicated, professional and experienced Business Development Managers
  • Every application is individually assessed, giving us the opportunity to take a flexible approach. Our experienced team of underwriters make the decisions
  • You have direct access to a named individual, based at our offices in Milton Keynes, who is processing your application
  • We have an end-to-end online application system offering a fast decision in principle and case tracking

Our Home Purchase Plans

  • A Shariah-compliant alternative to a conventional mortgage
  • A range of competitive products available to UK residents, UK Expats and International residents
  • Available to clients who are employed, self-employed or contractors
  • No early payment charges
  • Available for purchase or refinance for UK residents, UK Expats and International residents, for property located in England or Wales

Our Buy-to-Let Products

  • A range of competitive products for both UK residents and UK Expats/International residents
  • No early repayment charges
  • We offer a range of financing options, from simple single residential investment finance, to more complex structures including property portfolios
  • We provide finance to individuals, sole proprietors/partnerships, limited companies and on and off-shore SPV structures, for property located in England or Wales
  • We do not require Assets Under Management

Shariah residential property finance explained

There are a few key differences between Shariah-compliant property finance and the other deals you do. Learn how it works and open up to a whole new market.