We are a Shariah-compliant UK bank and are here for everyone. We exist to help people realise their dreams and aspirations in a different way - one that's transparent, fair and socially responsible. When you choose Gatehouse Bank, you can be confident that we support your values as well as your financial goals.

Gatehouse Bank… A Different Way

To find out more about how our Shariah approach differs from mainstream finance and the principles that guide us, please watch our video.

Watch our A Different Way video

Meet our Shariah Supervisory Board

Our Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) reviews our products and services, and oversees our operations to ensure they are compliant with the principles of Shariah. The SSB comprises recognised Shariah experts in the field of banking and finance transactions.

Our Shariah Supervisory Board

Frequently Asked Questions about Shariah Finance

We have created a set of dedicated questions that are often put to us by our customers about Shariah Finance. These will help you to better understand the subject and how it affects the way we operate.

Our Shariah Finance FAQs

Certificates of Shariah Compliance

Below are the certificates of Shariah compliance for our Home and Buy-to-Let Purchase Plans and Savings products.