We take our responsibility to society and the environment seriously. Our business and operations are conducted in a manner that calls for fair dealing and our products are transparent, fair and socially responsible. This approach dovetails with the principles of Shariah-compliant banking, which underpin our operations and form the basis of our product offering.

We have been identifying the areas where our business activities impact the environment, society and the economy. You can read our latest Sustainability Report here.

Balanced Banking

Grounded in Shariah principles, our products are transparent, fair and socially responsible. We don’t make highly speculative investments or transactions. Our way of operating is stable, transparent, and shares risk and reward in an equitable way.

Our products and services are available to people of all religions and none. Many non-Muslims choose us for our socially responsible approach, transparency and the competitive products we offer.

What balanced means to us


Achieving strong sustainability performance is in keeping with our core values as an ethical bank. We are committed to integrating sustainability into our business practices and decision-making processes through the development of innovative new products and services, and the allocation of capital towards sustainable investments. Gatehouse Bank is a certified carbon neutral business.

What we're doing

In the Community

Being responsive to community needs and having a positive impact on society lies at the heart of our community strategy. We support the community through our Charity of the Year programme, corporate giving and staff volunteering. Our colleagues have selected leading youth homelessness charity Centrepoint as the Bank's Charity of the Year for 2021.

How we're contributing

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