Gatehouse Bank welcomes His Highness, The Amir of the State of Kuwait to the United Kingdom

Gatehouse Bank welcomes His Highness, The Amir of the State of Kuwait to the United Kingdom

At the personal invitation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Amir of the State of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, leads a high profile delegation on the historic occasion of his first State Visit to the United Kingdom.

As part of the official programme, His Highness is attending the State Banquet held in his honour at Windsor Castle by The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on Tuesday 27th November.

Also attending the historic event is Mr. Fahed Boodai, Chairman of Gatehouse Bank. “ We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to play a part in this monumental visit, and under the leadership and guidance of His Highness we will undoubtedly see a further strengthening and reinforcement of the reciprocal economic relationship between Kuwait and the UK, “ commented Mr. Boodai. “In particular, I am delighted to see the extent to which the UK Government is working to support Islamic finance and bridge the gap between the West and the Islamic world, and Gatehouse Bank remains committed in its own capacity as we endeavour to support and further strengthen the historic bilateral relations that bind the State of Kuwait with the UK.”

Kuwait is the UK’s third largest trading partner in the GCC, with bilateral trade between the two nations standing at USD 3.59 billion. However, the historical links between the two nations date back more than 250 years, and there are currently around 50 British companies based in Kuwait today, working mainly in the construction, oil, defence, shipping, and property and banking sectors

Since its inception in 2008 Gatehouse Bank has established a global portfolio in excess of £1.25 billion (USD 2 billion) spread across Real Estate assets, capital investment, and term deposits. Supported by its Kuwaiti shareholders and working in close partnership with GSH, its sister company in Kuwait, the bank specialises in the long-term management and preservation of wealth for its high net worth and institutional investor clients. With its client focus in the GCC and covering markets in the UK as well as Asia via Malaysia, the bank operates as a natural bridge between the world’s key financial markets.