Gatehouse Bank launches two new Fixed Term Green Saver accounts

Gatehouse Bank has extended its popular range of Green Saver accounts, with the introduction of an 18 month and a 4 year fixed term account.

The two new accounts are:

Savings AccountProfit Rate (AER*)
18 Month Fixed Term Green Saver1.25%
4 Year Fixed Term Green Saver1.55%

Both accounts offer customers a competitive return on their savings and provide the opportunity for savers to play their part in a greener future, with a tree planted in a certified UK woodland project for each account opened and the carbon credits registered on behalf of the Bank’s Green Saver customers.

The new accounts extend the Bank’s suite of Green Saver accounts to ten, of which four are Green Saver Cash ISAs.

Green Saver customer trees are planted in one of four specific UK woodland projects through our tree planting partner, Forest Carbon. Tree planting is vital for meeting some of the UK’s greatest environmental needs, playing an important role in the effort to combat climate change and environmental degradation. Trees planted through the Green Saver tree planting scheme permanently “lock up” or sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in their wood and the soil of the woodland where they grow.

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Ravi Kumar, Senior Product Manager at Gatehouse Bank, said:

“Gatehouse is committed to providing customers with a competitive return on their savings over the long term, and introduction of the 18 month and 4 year Green Saver accounts, offer customers additional choice and the opportunity to a contribute to a greener future.

“Since the launch of our Green Saver range in February, we have already planted over 5,000 new trees across in the UK, thanks to the Gatehouse customers, and by increasing the number of products available to savers, we aim to plant many more trees in the near future.”

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* AER offered is the Annual Equivalent Rate and it shows the gross rate if profit is paid each year.