Intermediary News

Important improvements to our Home Finance application process

We are making the following changes to further improve the service we provide to our broker partners and customers.

Offer Letters

Following feedback from our Intermediary partners we are delighted to announce two key changes to streamline our Offer Letter process and make it easier for both you and your customers. These changes take effect from tomorrow (Tuesday, 8 December) and are summarised below:

Offer Letter Signatures

We have revised our Offer Letter process to enable our customers to receive, sign and return Offer Letters electronically via DocuSign. This will remove the need for customers to print, sign and send original hard copies to the Bank. The DocuSign software has proven to be successful with our Application and Direct Debit forms which we are now extending to our Offer Letters.

Offer Letter Notifications

Intermediaries will now receive three notifications when the Offer Letter is sent to the customer:

  • An email via DocuSign providing a link to enable the Intermediary to review the Offer Letter (the Application Number will be visible as a reference).
  • An email from our Offers Team to advise that the Offer has been issued, which will include instructions regarding next steps.
  • A final email via DocuSign when the customer has signed and returned the Offer Letter to us. A link will be available for the Intermediary to review the Offer Letter (the Application Number will be visible as a reference).

Application Process

The effective packaging of cases is key in supporting us to improve the service we provide. In line with this, with immediate effect where a case has not been able to progress to underwriting stage, due to missing documentation, at 60 days we will notify you and then withdraw these from our system.

Should you have any queries regarding the changes outlined above, please contact your BDM, who will be able to assist you.

Thank you for your continued support.