Intermediary News

Acceptable bank accounts and guidance on certified documents

Acceptance of bank account providers

In response to enquiries from a number of our broker partners we are pleased to confirm that Gatehouse do accept accounts provided by Fintech companies with Banking licences such as Transferwise and Revolut as the source of direct debit payments.

If these accounts are used for holding funds and are a source of deposit for the application, a transaction statement will be required in line with our standard requirements.

Where the Fintech account is not the main bank account for individuals we will also need obtain statements for their ‘main’ bank account(s).

We will not accept payments from Electronic Money Institutions.

Guidance on certification of documents required to support applications for finance

In an effort to support our broker partners we have taken the opportunity to provide additional clarity on Gatehouse Bank’s requirements by updating the guidance document on our website which is available here.

We hope that this update provides additional clarity, please contact us if you have any queries.