Intermediary News

Important changes to packaging requirements

Following feedback from our intermediary partners we have enhanced our packaging guidance for finance applications, and are pleased to confirm the following changes:

Statement of Wealth Form

In order to simplify the requirement for applicants to provide a statement of their wealth, we have created a new form. Each applicant named on the finance application must now complete this form and it must not be completed by a representative or intermediary.

With effect from Tuesday 13th October, a completed Statement of Wealth Form will be required for all applications and can be found under ‘Documents’ within the Intermediaries section of this website.

Packaging Checklists

To make the packaging requirements clearer, we have amended our packaging checklists which can be found in the ‘Documents’ section on our website here.

Change to the tasks within our Broker Application Portal

To provide additional clarity on our packaging requirements we have also made some changes to the wording for some of the tasks. In addition, the new Statement of Wealth Form above, has now been included.

We trust intermediaries will find these changes helpful when submitting future applications. Any queries regarding the changes outlined above, please contact a BDM, who will be able to assist.