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Electronic ID checks introduced and process improvements

We have today introduced Electronic Identification checks to our Broker Portal. To help explain the changes more clearly, our Electronic Identification Verification (eIDV) Guide and Broker Portal Improvements Guide provide a step-by-step overview of these improvements.

In summary the changes are:

eIDV checks
Our new system aims to verify an applicant’s identity digitally without the need for any further information, by using the applicant’s information you have provided in the Broker Portal.

You will be able to see the outcome of this check next to each applicant’s name in the Broker Portal under the heading ‘Identification Checks’, and a screen shot showing this is included on page 3 in the eIDV Guide.

What happens if the eIDV check has been unsuccessful?
If we are not able to verify an applicant’s identity based on the data we have available, then an email with a link will be sent directly to the applicant asking them to take a ‘selfie’ and a picture of either their passport or driving licence. Our system will then aim to complete the ID check using this method and will let you know the outcome by email the moment all applicants complete the process.

You will also be asked through the Broker Portal to provide the applicant’s certified proof of address.

If we are still not able to verify the applicant’s identify using either of the above methods, you will be asked to provide the applicant’s certified proof of ID using the same method as before. The Gatehouse ID Requirements document provides a full list of ID acceptable to the Bank as well as guidelines on our previous process.

Linked jurisdictions
Previously, during the application process, there was no opportunity to provide information about linked jurisdictions, where applicable. However, we have now introduced an optional section where you are able to provide this information. The aim is to reduce the number of tasks and speed up the application process.

Digitised Statement of Wealth
For newly submitted applications you will no longer be asked to provide a ‘Statement of Wealth’ form. Instead, we have now digitised these questions and built them into the Broker Portal. Please see pages 4-5 on the Broker Portal Improvements Guide for examples of what a ‘good quality’ explanation looks like.

When to resubmit an application

Sometimes information on an application needs to be amended. This can either be done by re-keying a new application or an underwriter making a change on your behalf to an existing application. We’ve now clarified the scenarios of when each apply. Remember, where you need to key a new application, you are now able to ‘copy’ all cases.

ScenarioDuplication Required
Purchase to re-financeYes
Individual to company and vice versaYes
Adding or removing applicantsYes
Self-employed to employed and vice versaYes
No employed/self- employed category selectedYes
Income keyed as otherYes
Change property (post valuation)Yes
ScenarioUnderwriter amendment on your behalf
Date of birthYes
Date of birthYes
Nationality detailsYes
Finance amountYes
Property (pre valuationYes
Solicitor detailYes

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